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MRS HR, LLC was created to be a place to find answers to your human resources questions in a simple, easy to use format.

Most websites offer information only after a subscription. Other sites provide free information that would take a week to dissect. provides quick easy access to the topics business professionals need answers to right away.

  • How many breaks should employees receive in an eight-hour day?
  • What content should we have in our handbook?
  • What is FMLA and why do I need to track it and how?

Onboarding, offboarding, employee relations, terminations, performance reviews, benefits, 401k and retirement plans can be stressful even for seasoned professionals equipped with a full staff. We have created a place to make HR a lot less overwhelming.

The ASK MRS HR blog is where you can post questions and engage in discussions that will give you additional direction. Explore and enjoy!

Our Services

MRS HR ,LLC will assist your business through the entire employment lifecycle. From hiring to retiring employees, MRS HR ,LLC will partner with you to make sure you stay focused at what is really important, managing a successful business.

MRS HR ,LLC offers a broad range of services required to run a profitable and successful business.

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Employing the right person for your small business is crucial for the success of your business. An effective recruitment and selection process reduces turnover. Job descriptions, interviews and background checks ensure that you employ a candidate who is reliable and carries out the objectives you planned for providing quality services and goods to your customers.

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It is not enough to simply hire a new worker. Studies show that successful business treat employee onboarding as a vital part of their company's process. New hire and other orientations are key to making sure your new employee and your business is successful.

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We offer direction and leadership in designing, developing and implementing human resources systems and programs for compensation, benefits, retirement plans and work-life integration programs.

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Employees that enjoy what they do and the atmosphere in which they work are more likely to remain employed with their company. Retention strategies are important because they help create a positive work environment and strengthen an employee's commitment to the organization.

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When effectively implemented, performance management best practices result in a wide range of benefits for employees, managers and companies. Goals are the basis of an effective process. Clearly communicating strategic business objectives is the first step to creating alignment.

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How an employee exits a company is just as important as how they are welcomed. Offboarding is the strategic process for transitioning employees out of an organization. Having an established offboarding program to transition employees out of the organization is just as important as the care given to bringing them in. Severance letters, COBRA and other difficult to navigate activities are our specialty.


ASK MRS HR© Toolbox

Contact us to discuss specialized tools designed with your business in mind. In the meantime, enjoy our complimentary HR Newsletter.

Employee Handbooks 101 ebook

Employee Handbooks should be simple and easy to read. MRS HR ,LLC has provided a sample of an Employee Handbook that is clear and easy to follow. Employee Handbooks 101 is a downloadable eBook explaining everything you need to know when creating and implementing your company’s Employee Handbook. The Employees Handbooks 101 ebook is available.

Employee Handbooks 101 includes a Sample Employee Handbook for your review and is available in hard copy for $15.00.

Note: Although the language in MRS HR ,LLC’s Employee Handbook has been legally reviewed, it does not serve as a legal document. Have your handbook reviewed by your employment labor attorney before distribution.

Available for $.99 download. Click HERE to purchase.